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Can not see the parasitic R,C in calibre view after PEX!

Question asked by kabir_fakir on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by kabir_fakir

Hello all here,
I am using UMC180nm. I made a simple inverter and run the PEX. Everything went fine and I am able to generate the calibre view (fig2). But I can not see the parasitic R or C in the calibre view. Meanwhile, in RVE I am able to the value of the R, C and CC (fig1). You can see the details in the following figures
I was wondering if I can see the values of the R, C, CC in the RVE pane then why not in the calibre view?  Am I making some mistake?
If you need more information to clear my doubt kindly let me know


                                                            Figure 1: RVE  snapshot

                                                       Figure 2: Calibre view

PS: I made all the verification by following the UMC180nm guidelines and after watcher Calibre How- to Video series. In how to Video I saw that one must see the parasitic R, C, CC in calibre view