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Silkscreen generation question

Question asked by milostnik on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by daleb

Hello Folks,

I have a strange behavior during generation of Silkscreen.

Since we do no do a lot of silkscreens, I am asking the community to see if this is "normal behavior". Thanks


Let start with a situation where

  • RefDes R73 is over a pad
  • RefDes R75 is over a via
  • C34 outline is touching the pad and the via

Lets start:


So if I generate the silkscreen just with no Break Graphics or Break Text, R73 is full, R75 is covered by the via, and there is nothing noteworth in C34.

Now lets activate one option at a time:


Graphics Pad clearnce: we see circles at the cornes of the pads enclosed by the countour at C34

Graphics Via clearance: Notice the via at C34 has a circle around

Text Pad Clearnace: R73 is cut out of the pad

Test Via Clearnace: There is a circle around R75

All activated:  Vias with silkscreen circles, text cut on pads, graphics on pads.


Can somebody comment if this is normal behavior.



I think this is not.

I am surprised to see circles around vias popping up after asking them to be broken. All vias in this section of the design are the same.

And I do not see why circles pop up at pads corner.

As said this is VX2.3upd9