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    Can't resolve part to part violation



      I am a new user of XSI and layout from Mentor.

      I created my components (A1, A2) on XSI and the connectivity between them is achieved. I export everything to layout and I try to superimpose them (as 2 layers: A2 on A1) but Layout give sme this error (Error: Cannot resolve Part to Part violation.) .

      The 2 components in XSI are:

      • Type: BGA
      • Mount style: Surface
      • Perspective: Live Bug
      • And designed as interface

      Can someone help me? Maybe I need to change some properties for the components in XSI.




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          A couple of issues could be at work her but, I have a couple of work arounds.

          1. Your parts are placed on the same layer and are in violation of each other
          2. The BGA may be created as a Top Mount component with the pins on the bottom.  This will also cause a placement violation between them.


          Try these;

          1. In Editor Control Place set the online 2D placement DRC to Warning
          2. Place the part outside the package outline and see if the pins are on the correct side.  You can use the Push command to get it on the other side.


          If these do not resolve the issue, open a ticket with Mentor and Debbie will dig into it further.

          you can email me at first.last@siemens.com  (kendall Hiles I didn't want a bot to pick up my email)



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            Hi Mohamad,


            You can create a placement script in XSI that can be run in layout. In the Floorplan, use Export > Placement Script for Layout command. The default location for the script is in <layout design>\Layout\LayoutDB.vbs). In the layout tool, you can then run the script using the keyin "run Layout\LayoutDB.vbs". This will place the components exactly as you have them in XSI.


            Also in the layout tool, in Editor Control > Place tab, you can set the Online 2D Placement DRC option to Warning (it may currently be set to Preventative). This will help also you with interactive placement.


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