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Copper pours in vx2.4

Question asked by webby on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by webby

VX2.4 really makes a mess of copper pours on our boards.

We want some pads to be flooded over, so we have keepouts around pads that require a thermal relief. We do not want thermal relief on all holes. This worked fine until 2.4.

It would seem that because our keepout is an odd cross shape that goes through the centre of the pad, vx2.4 thinks that means it's not connected to the flood so draws a void around the pad and completely isolates it! We don't want to use the automatic thermal generation as that will also alter the artwork from the previous version, and we need complete control of which pads need thermal relief and which don't.

What is our best option here? Stick with VX2.2 which we are currently using? This is a real problem as we cannot generate the same artworks in 2.4 that we did in 2.2. This is a safety related issue as artworks are approved, so we can't just change them!