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    Copper pours in vx2.4


      VX2.4 really makes a mess of copper pours on our boards.

      We want some pads to be flooded over, so we have keepouts around pads that require a thermal relief. We do not want thermal relief on all holes. This worked fine until 2.4.

      It would seem that because our keepout is an odd cross shape that goes through the centre of the pad, vx2.4 thinks that means it's not connected to the flood so draws a void around the pad and completely isolates it! We don't want to use the automatic thermal generation as that will also alter the artwork from the previous version, and we need complete control of which pads need thermal relief and which don't.

      What is our best option here? Stick with VX2.2 which we are currently using? This is a real problem as we cannot generate the same artworks in 2.4 that we did in 2.2. This is a safety related issue as artworks are approved, so we can't just change them!

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          Looks like that may be a bug, or just the way we are going to need to use Keepouts going forward.  I just submitted a Service Request and found out that with VX2.4 if the Copper Pour Outline does not go over the pads center (origin) the Copper Pour will not connect to the pad.


          As a test I just also added a small copper Keepout over the center of a large pad where a Copper Pour went all the way around the pad and the copper would still not connect to the pad.  So it seems if the Keepout has the pads center (origin) covered the Copper Pour will not connect to it.


          I then confirmed you can cover as much of the pad as you want with a Keepout as long as the center (origin) of pad is NOT covered by it.


          If you can adjust your Keepout so the pad center (origin) is not covered by it the Copper Pour will connect to it.

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            Thanks for replying.

            Our keepouts for a round pad tend to be a weird cross-like shape as shown.


            This has the benefit of being one shape that can be copied and pasted around the board as required. We have used this design (and ones like it) for years.

            I will now have to do new keepouts, just the quarter-circular cheese shaped bits, copied and rotated so that there are 4 of them, and put them on the pad instead. You also can't combine these shapes to make one keepout, or save them to a library. And of course they sometimes vary depending on the layer they are on.

            So I have a pcb file that will contain an ever growing selection of these things to copy and paste!

            We also use slots a lot, so using the standard (maximum!) 4 spokes which may be OK for a round pad wouldn't work for a slot that has to handle 10-20A!

            But all this does mean that I cannot call up an existing pcb and create identical artworks to VX2.2. The keepouts will be slightly different. This is not good!

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              You could pull one of the slots for the tie legs in past where the center of the pad will be.  The pour should then connect.



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                Yes, that works! Thanks for that.