Running scripts in Decal Editor

Discussion created by dcox on Oct 9, 2018

This is a tip and an observation.


In Pads Layout you have a Tools/Basic_Scripts option, but when you edit a decal, the decal editor only offers macros.  I don't understand why this is because scripts work fine in decal editor.  A simple workaround is to open the Basic Scripts window in layout, leave it open, then select a component, rmb and select Edit Decal.  The decal editor brings up the decal and the script window is still viable.  This also works if while the script window is open you open a decal through the menu File/Library.


Here's another tip.  In decal editor, if you select a group of pads, rmb and select Padstack the "Padstack Properties for Pin" box opens.  On the left is a list of your selected pins with one highlighted and in the padstack window the selections for only the single highlighted pad are shown.  If the pins in your selected group currently have different padstacks and you want to change them all, but not to the displayed padstack you can select a different pin in the left column until your desired padstack is displayed.  Then tag the "Assign to all selected pin" box and hit ok.  This removes the need to retype the padstack.