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Real comparison between Pads Layout VX2.4 and Professional 2.4

Question asked by dcox on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by jim_martens

I looked at a video of Professional 2.4 and although the menus look a little slicker, I didn't see any additional features.  Aside from repackaging the gui, are there really any additional things Pro can do that Layout can't?


We currently use Pads layout VX2.3 upd 6 with DxDesigner through an Omnify front end.  All libraries are on a local server and we do not concurrently share projects with other sites.  We have a third party globally based MRP system so we do not use any Eco or Capa recording through Omnify or DxD so please don't tell me how great these features are since we won't be using them.  I am looking just at the layout and routing performance.