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    Second @PRINTORDER property added from "Update Other Objects..."


      I'm having odd behavior in a schematic with using @PRINTORDER. Note, that I am still just setting this up to work so maybe there is something broken. Prior, the @SHEET property was being used for our page numbers (eek) so I'm trying to get this working to improve our tool usage flow.


      On to the issue.


      So far I have used the the @PRINTORDER property I added to a border on a couple projects and it has worked.

      Now, what is happening is that I am using it on a new project and the sheets are not updating correctly.

      For example:

      Where the ? is the @PRINTORDER field and I end up with two properties on the border:

      Interestingly is that they are the same, but not entirely when you look at the bottom of the table:

      This is the above properties respectively. Note the top property is the added one (determined by the visibility of the Property Name)



      What is more puzzling, is that if I add the @PRINTORDER property to the sheet before doing the update, it updates both of the fields. However, if I delete the added one, it goes back to '?'


      Also, sheets in the schematic, which were copied in from a schematic with the update PRINTORDER working updated ok in the same schematic and had the right sheet numbers after doing a "Reset Sheet Order".




      The symbol is the same as on other schematics, and I have tried:

      1) In this project, deleting and re-adding the border symbol

      2) Doing the "Reset Sheet Order" (which helped only with sheets I copied in)

      3) Doing a "replace" (vs. delete border, insert border)

      4) Doing the delete/add on a different, previously working schematic which is pointing to the same schematic symbol. (This worked fine and did not cause the ? to appear)



      To summarize, new sheets in this schematic seem to not update properly. Sheets I copied from a different schematic where this was working seem to continue to work. As far as I can tell the sheets are created from the same symbol.



      I have looked through various settings and not seen anything that jumps out, I've also done a textual compare between the two project work areas of files, settings, etc and haven't been able to locate a meaningful difference.




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          Is the @Printorder property embedded in your sheet border symbol rather than being added as a freestanding unattached property?

          Take a look at the vidoes on Sheet Border symbols here for hints: Design Creation

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            BTW this is PADs 9.5.. I guess I'm not clear on what that means. I watched the videos on the Border Symbols and am not seeing where I'm doing things incorrectly. I have the @PRINTORDER property added to the sheet border symbol.  How do I make it "freestanding unattached" and how do I do that without having to do that to each sheet in the schematic? Also, not sure why this worked ok on the previous project, but not in this one?
            Here is what is on the symbol in Symbol Editor:

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              That's a pretty old release and we have made some improvements in the functionality subsequently. One key thing is whether you have @PRINTORDER in your properties file, it should not be there as it is a built-in special attribute, but there was a time when you could not add it to your sheet border if it wasn't defined in the property file. My guess is that you have some overlap here, the correct property should show as non-common in the properties dialog (at least in the current software versions) you will need to experiment with removing it from the design or sheet border symbol and then putting it back.

              You should not add it as a freestanding unattached property which is why I asked the question.

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                Thank you for your assistance Robert. and I know.. I've been trying to get our group to move forward from it. You know HW Engineers haha.

                Anyway, I looked in the Property Definition Editor. I do not see printorder in there. I assume that is where you meant?
                It does look like creating sheets is different the ones that work do show it as "Non-Common Property" where the schematic that it is failing on does not.

                Could it be caused by copying sheets into this schematic some how?

                Unfortunately, this is a relatively large design and will be getting larger (already at 50 pages) so I want to get this wrapped soon.



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                  I think what may have caused the error was to have the @PRINTORDER set to '?' (no quotes) in my symbol. When I removed it and left it blank or put a 1 in the field and then used the title block, it seemed to update normally. I wonder if it has anything to do with the new sheet vs. when I was applying it before was replacing existing title blocks that already had those values in place?