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Different pin decal assignment

Question asked by kollateral on Nov 7, 2018

Ok so, I guess it's a Mentor behaviour, but when I decide to assign a decal to a Part, then I can't assign another decal with a different pin number to that same Part.

Even if the pin number associated to the gate is the same (i.e. you can't assign a 4-pin decal with 3 pin on Gate-A and 1 pin unused, and then assign a 3-pin decal).


I can accept this, because it prevents mistakes but it is absolutelly not flexible (at least, unused pin shouldn't be included in the pin count). It means that I have to create another Part for the 3-pin decal.

That's quite annoying, 'cause I want to limit the amount of elements in my library. I don't want to have 10 Res Part for 10 different decal.


Is there any workaround?


(I'm using PADS VX with Integrated Flow).