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    pads vs xpedition


      Where I work there are existing files in pads and board station. I have more than 20 years experience with pads and am very comfortable with it. Some people here have been told by Mentor that xpedition is their flagship product and an enterprise solution. I am the only pcb layout person. I am being asked to come up with an unbiased report on which layout package is best going forward. Any comments?

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          joep19 - good question -- thanks for posting. I am going to move it, however, to the product specific community where it will receive greater visibility. We have separate communities/sub-communities for both PADS and Xpedition. But due to your extensive experience with PADS and that you are seeking insight on Xpedition, I will move it to the Xpedition community. The Members Resources community is for general community questions and suggestions.

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            Hi joep19

            It seems to me that you are very comfortable with what is nowadays called PADS standard and PADS plus.

            Have you experience with PADS Professional?

            The later is the stripped down version of Expedition. Basically EE minus autorouting and only 32bit. In simulation you will have only the lossless options, and if you are not doing very high speed designs it will suffice.


            As a single person EE is not needed, as it has a lot of collaboration tools that a single person does not need.

            But if you need autorouting then EE is a must, as PADS Pro can not be upgraded with the autoroute option. Be prepared to be shocked by the price...


            In my personal opinion PADS Pro is better than the PADS standard and plus as it is a copy of EE, and Mentor is putting most of the development resources in this tool.