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    Show only one net in PADS Layout


      Hi all,


      within my department there are several software-developers, that have access to our layout-files, so they can find traces and parts in order to measure signals. One of them asked me, whether there is an option to show only one net - or a group of nets - and hide all other nets.


      Can anyone give me a pointer?


      Thanks in advance and kind regards,



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          Hi all,


          I just took some time to play with PADS layout and found one way. Within the "Display Color Setup"-dialog I selected on color (the right-most in the lower line) and redefined this color using the "Palette" Dialog: not real black, but a very dark blue. (see below.)

          Now I saved the configuration (just to make it easier to go back later) and defined everything that's copper (traces, pads, ...) to have the newly defined color. OK, your fingers will bleed when you do this on a 10-layer board, but hey! Now everything is so dark, you can't distinguish it from black (at least I can't), but it is still visible. So when I use the "find" dialog to highlight a net, I see only the selected net(s).


          Hope this helps if anyone has the same question, and I'm looking forward for other ideas.


          Have a nice day, kind regards,



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            Open design

            <right click>(Select Nets)

            <left click> on a net to select and highlight the first one; hole <ctrl> to select additonal nets


            If you display Project Explorer you can also select the nets from the list.

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              Select the net, add it to View List (right column)

              Select Default and select to None in View Details

              Only selected net will show

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                that's what I was looking for. Thank you!

                Kind regards,