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Pin swapping problem

Question asked by kollateral on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by kollateral

Hello everyone,


I'm sticking with the following problem: I have a flat cable that connects two connector soldered on a board. Now, the cable is straight, and for this reason the signal on the pin 1 of the first connector is bringed to the last pin of the second connector, because, in order to fit the cable on the second connector, I have to rotate it by 180 degrees.

(This is a fact that happens with lots of flat/flex cable)


The point is, that I want to reverse those signals (on the second connector) not in xDx Designer, if possible. I want them to be connected to the same pin numbering for both connectors (but I have to swap them somehow).


So I see two way to do that:

A) Find an option somewhere that allow me to swap the pins (maybe in the Part options, I tried to change the Pin sequence but did no effetcs in Layout)

B) Create another Decal, with the pin order swapped (I want to avoid this if possible, because in this way I would broke the ufficial Drawing pin numbering of the connector).


The third way would be to swap the connection in xDx Designer side, but for documentation reason, I won't do that either.


Any suggestion? I don't know if this is the right section, It's not really an xDx Designer problem or even Layout related.