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Pads Professional Realistic Time To Productivity Learning Curve

Question asked by advntr_inxs on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2019 by radek

Hello again, I'm still plugging away at learning Pads Pro's wonderfully super charged user defined variables, and the software's capabilities.

What I find daunting is the biblical proportions of the documentation for every last function.

Routing alone has an epic 246 pages of instructions. I find this to be the case with nearly every command/function. Constraint Manager = another epic at 382 pages of instructions, etc.

All of these instruction manuals also point to other instruction manuals throughout the text. It is a daunting exercise to get to a productive

level and I'm curious if anyone can give me a realistic time frame (coming from PADS standard), i.e., knowing nothing of the current software flow.

Would it benefit me to work through the DX Designer portion of the software? Our Engineers are still using Orcad and herein lies one of our problems, as

we still, even with Support, have not figured out how to bring Orcad netlist data into the layout end of it.

I'm still plugging away, and my boss is after a board layout in the new software and I'm nowhere near being reasonably productive yet.

Anyone got a bone they can throw me as to what a reasonable time frame is on becoming productive with this package? Self-trained with no

actual classroom time.




~Randi (still plugging along......)