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Getting 'DaveNavigator.ocx failed' error during installation?

Question asked by kbak on Jan 2, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by kbak

Anyone else seeing this issue?

Versions: PADS VX.2.x on Win10.

We have a rather large PADS Installation in our company. Our IT dept. are using Microsoft SCCM to install software on our computers.

It normally works pretty well, but for PADS we always receive a 'DaveNavigator.ocx failed' error message. The user need to click 'OK' for the installation to continue.

DaveNavigator_ocx failed.png

PADS seems to work fine after the installation.

The issue does not exist if I install PADS manually.

I have communicated with Mentor Support regarding this issue, and they have also been helpful, but I guess they doesn't consider it as a PADS problem since the issue only exists when using SCCM.


Regards Klaus