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Are you interested in ECAD/MCAD Collaboration?

Question asked by caleigh_gold on Jan 10, 2019

Join Mentor Graphics- A Siemens Business on January 23rd for the first-ever ECAD/MCAD Co-design Collaboration live webinar! John McMillan and Brent Klingford, two of Mentor's technical experts will be presenting the topic of ECAD/MCAD. Electro-mechanical Co-design for Competitive Advantage - Mentor Graphics 


You will learn how to:


  • How to break down the barriers between PCB design and mechanical design domains with PADS Professional’s MCAD Collaborato
  • Demonstration of an actual electro-mechanical co-design session from the PCB designer and MCAD tool user’s perspective
  • How to accelerate time-to-market, eliminate respins, and reduce product cost with electro-mechanical collaborati