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    Questa formal - synchronizing signals



      i'm using Questa formal tool Version 10.7b_1.

      my question is:

      is there a way to force all signals to sync with the posedge of a clock (some "netlist" or anything else)?




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          Hi Gidon-


          A co-worker who couldn't get his login to work asked me to post this for him:


          Try specifying the clock attributes with ‘netlist clock’. For example,

               netlist clock clk1 clk2 clk3 –posedge –period 4 –waveform 0 2


          By default, formal analysis uses the existing netlist clock directives

          to determine $global_clock, which is the union of the active clock

          edges. So the behavior you want should be the default when you

          do not specify clocks. However, if you have registers clocked on

          negedges, I am not sure whether or not this will work.


          Best regards-