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3D generated model with different pitch, from 5m to 6m

Question asked by milostnik on Feb 22, 2019
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Hello Folks,


Playing with 3D view in Expedition Layout is fun. Since the introduction of the 3D model generator it is even better.


Now I have run into a issue that I would like to clarify.


We have designed a board, and in accordance to a discussion with our assembly people, we choose to have a true hole component bent with a pitch of 6m (6 times 2.54mm for a total of 15,24mm). Now the cell was designed with a pitch of 6m, no problem because I put the pins on a 6m pitch distance. Layout in 2D is quick and easy.


The issue comes up using the 3D model generator.


First of all we select the type of model: a tht diode of type xh_do41.

I select all components values according to the datasheet, and come up with the selected line.

The generated component has a pitch of 5m (5 times 2.54mm for a total of 12,7mm).



In the 3D model generator the pitch is part of the selection and the field is gray, so you can not change the pitch from 5m (=12,7mm) to 6m (=15,24mm)

Once on the board the component misses the holes placed at 6m.

Very ugly and misleading.


Is there a way to change this?

My thoughts are:

- how would I put the values by hand in the 3D model generator?


Any thoughts