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Problem editing Draw shapes when stretching a diagonal vertice

Question asked by rholt on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by jeff@viavi

VX2.3 & VX2.4

When modifying a draw object that includes a diagonal line such as a chamfer
on a plane shape, the shapes chamfer vertices jump and create new odd angled
vertices which distort the original shape outline. i.e. I'm trying to drag the
middle draw handle to increase/decrease the size of the chamfer or shaping when
the problem occurs. I'm noticing this when modifying plane shapes but I
believe it applies to all polygon draw objects. When I first create the
shape I have no problem modifying the shape afterwards, but if I wait and
comeback hours/days later (maybe after reloading the database) I can no longer
edit the shape without it going bonkers on the diagonal edits. I typically
always use a grid and a 45 degree angle restriction to create clean split
planes when drawing shapes. This frequently occurs but not all of the time.
It can happen when dragging vertices on
a diagonal line or an orthogonal line associated to the shape. Turning ON/OFF
angle lock or grid lock does not change the results. The only way I overcome
this issue is to use ADD/SUBTRACT shape to create my desired modified shape.