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    Help on importing harness information




      I am recently new to this VeSys software and I'm learning as I go on an aggressive schedule at the customer site.  (I used CHS in the past.)   Anyway, I have created the schematics for the whole vehicle based on their original documents.  In parallel, another colleague is creating the harness prints (ideally we would like to first create all schematics then move on to harnesses, but there is not enough time).  I now have to go throught the harness prints line by line and make changes to the schematics. I noticed in VeSys there are areas to fill in terminal part numbers as well as connector information. I have never put terminal info into schematics before.  Here's my question:


      Once the harness drawings are complete with the newest changes, can I import the harness information into the schematics so I do not have to fill in terminal information? This would save me some time, or will I have to manually input all of this information myself?   Can this be done with the connector information as well as long as the connector ID's match between schematics to harness?


      I know you can import information from schematics to harnesses, but I wasn't sure if it works the other way as well.  Any information is helpful and appreciated!


      Thank you,


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          Hi Justin,


          In actual fact the information in VeSys Design is optional (especially the terminal information), you normally create all of the wiring/connectivity within VeSys Design and all of the physical information in VeSys Harness (excluding the wires as this can be imported from VeSys Design).


          Assuming your schematic is correct you should send all of the wire data into your harness and then import the wire length from the harness back into VeSys Design.  On this import there is the option to add the connector part numbers to the connectors (assuming your Connector ID's match).


          The good thing about VeSys is that it is open in terms of importing/exporting so it is actually possible to have all of the wire data in a harness drawing and import that into the schematic - although you still have to draw a wire from the 2 connecting points i.e. from Connector C001 pin 1 to Connector C002 pin 1.  You may also be able to use the import to compare the drawings because when you import wires it will highlight which wires had their properties updated (wires turn yellow) and it will also highlight if the wires you are importing already match the schematic (the wires turn white) so you won't have to manually check them line by line.  In theory after you have imported all of the wires from your harnesses every wire in the schematic should be yellow or white.


          In order to import into VeSys Design you will need to export a DSI file from VeSys Harness.

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