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Some power nets getting disconnected when running DC Drop Simulation for Multiple Nets

Question asked by willdecook on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2020 by a_sharma_nirei

When I run Simulate PI->DC Drop for Multiple Nets with Combined Ground Currents with a ground net and all of its associated power nets selected, the pins on some of the power nets appear as DISCONNECTED on the resulting report. These portions of the power nets also don’t appear in the PowerScope visualization. It looks like the pins that are getting disconnected are those of nets that have sinks on parts that also have VRMs associated with them (regulators).


For example, POS_3P3VDC supplies VR11, which then outputs POS_1P8VDC_ADC. The results of the simulation show the power input pins of VR11 as DISCONNECTED. So, it looks like we’re not treating VR11 as a sink for POS_3P3VDC in this case. See screenshot.


How can I get this tool to include all of the nets in the simulation?