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Forward annotation behaviour

Question asked by vica_pcb on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2019 by vica_pcb

Premise: I work in integrated flow with a CL, PADS VX.


Ok, now.

Let's say... I want to preserve an already done layout design, but at the same time I need to change the pin numbering of a component, for example, a diode.


In the past, for Diodes it was, like, Anode on pin 1 and Cathode on pin 2.

Let's say that now I want to change it: I want Cathode on pin 1 and Anode on pin 2.


Ok, then: I go to the symbol editor and swap the pin 1 with pin 2.

And then I go in the decal editor and swap the pad number, like I just did for the symbol.


So now my decal and symbol are aligned again. I go to the schematic and update the part.


Now I want to sync the layout.


Why the forward annotation delete my traces associated to that diode? Is there a way to avoid this?