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Best practice for drawing title block?

Question asked by ba721 on Apr 10, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2019 by johnduquette

Hi All,


We've been using PADS for years without changing much. Currently, we use a 2D Line drawn title block (lines set to All Layers), which shows up when we make PDFs of the CAM photos for review and documentation internally. This has worked fine for years, but it is causing a problem now that we are beginning to use PADS 3D in VX2.4 after upgrading our license to Standard Plus.




Basically, PADS 3D treats all 2D lines on signal layers (like top and bottom) as copper, and it shows in the 3D view. Since our title block is drawn as a 2D line on "all layers", I get a copper title block outlining my board in PADS 3D, so when I export a STEP file of the board for the mechanical group to pull into their system models, they need to strip out this extraneous copper.




What is the best practice for having a title block in PADS? One workaround I thought of was assigning the title block to a specific documentation layer, and including that layer with the CAM prints (not photos)?