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Jump to  - in a hierarchical design

Question asked by milostnik on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2019 by milostnik

Hello Folks,


there is nothing nicer than a simple hierarchical design. Lets take a look at this simple example of a repeating block with two supbages and a signal that crosses the two pages.


Lets start with the top view:

every block has a simple structure: a signal goes through a resistor and is sent to the next page. On the second page the signal goes to a resistor and back out agin from the block.

So now lets look at it with the most useful function "jump"

In the first instance of the block I jump and it indicates me that it will jump to $1I135.

So I jump and it lands on $1I135

Notice that it opened a new instance of the resistor block: the instance resistor_2 of the block resistors.

To check it again:

Resistor block to R3. Resistor_2 block to R7.

Lets jump from the first next to R3 and see where we land.

landing next to R7 ???

Lest jump from the other starting point.


and landing next to R3

Completely confused.

I expected to land on the second page of the block and not on the first page of the other block.


Starting from the second sheet I keep jumping between R5 and R9.

I would have expected to jump from near R3 to near R5 and from R7 to near R9.


So lets make a pdf with hyperlinks: I start from the top, push into the first block, arrive at the link next to my beloved R3 ready to jump

just to land near, yes R7.



Is this normal behavior introduced with vx2.5 ?





P.S: attached the design