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Linking PADS Layout PCB to PADS Designer Project

Question asked by lazyturtle on Apr 25, 2019
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I would like to know the best way to do the following process:


1.- We have a PADS Logic + PADS Layout project (PADSVX.2.4)

2.- We would like to create a new PADS Designer project based in PADS Logic project (not migrating the project from Logic, but designing it from zero). This is: Design the schematics using PADS Designer instead of PADS Logic. But the design will be exactly the same.

3.- Once the design in PADS Designer is finished we would like to link the PADS Designer schematics to the PADS Layout PCB.


I have previously worked with other ECADS and basically assigning the same designator to the components as the one in the PADS Logic will automatically link the component in the schematic with the one in the PCB.


How can this be done easily?

What type of sideffects can this have?