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'Save Project' and 'Save Project As' TCL command

Question asked by ldm.eth on May 5, 2019
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by lane_scheideman

Hi All,


Is there a Save Project or Save Project As TCL commands in Questa?


If I start a new project with the Questa GUI as 'File -> New -> Project' then there is no a problem - all the Project Settings (including files, etc) are written to <proj_name>.mpf file


But if I started working with Questa by just opening the GUI and adding the files, compiling the libraries, etc - here is all the Project Settings are stored in the modelsim.ini . So how can I create now the *.mpf file?


Is it possible to create the *.mpf file from modelsim.ini ?


How can I guide the Questa working just with *.mpf files or just with modelsim.ini files?


Thank you!