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Schematic Design Review

Question asked by tmiddleton on May 7, 2019

I would like to know what other people use for their schematic reviews? I'm trying to find a better way than our current method (lists on confluence). I'm thinking it would be most efficient if it were in a format that many people could access at the same time. This would allow seeing other peoples' annotations thus saving time from multiple people making the same comments and wasting time.

Currently, I'm testing doing this with OneNote. With some initial observations:


  • Collaborative "realtime"
  • Securely hosted (or could be internal?),
  • Allows many types of annotations (drawing, typing, shapes, etc)
  • Tracked annotations


  • Current method (pdf->print to OneNote) makes all sheets on one "page" in OneNote (also could be advantage not sure yet)
  • Loss of graphic resolution
  • Loss of pdf features (symbol parameters for example)

Features that would be nice in a tool:

  • Custom shapes library that you can just drag+drop from (such as resistor, cap, or anything else)
  • Maintain current pdf features (e.g. symbol parameters)
  • Integration into a tool like jira for task tracking, creating action items, etc.
  • Ability to have an End time of review that would stop further annotations by reviewers


I'm also looking into some other options for collaborative pdf annotating.