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scout obsolete commands

Question asked by gedeakins on May 13, 2019

We are setting up PADS VX2.4 (Netlist). I had created a scout.ini file that populated a titleblock property with the page number. Had to do this as DxD won't allow for duplicate properties. Well we now find out those commands used for this creation appear to have been removed (ex: page_string, page_reset, page_placement, etc). Documentation does not indicate this at all (list the commands with no info regarding obsolete/removed). I think this is the case as I had scout.exe load this file, made a small change, and it saved the file. The original info that populated the property was removed. So to the Mentor crew, is this correct (obsolete has been removed)? If so, what is supposed to take it's place?


To the users of this site, have you encountered this? What kind of workarounds did you have to do? Any other "features" you encountered that caught you off-guard? Thank you for your help and hope you have a great evening!