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Fablink Drawing extended print mismatch

Question asked by stempialdo on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by stempialdo

Hi there,


I am trying to print a multi sheet assembly drawing using Fablink Drawing Editor (VX.2.4).


When I create a pdf with the design I run into these issues:

- the pdf is not exactly the same as what I see on the Drawing editor screen (text is misaligned and so looks messy)

- the pdf view scheme is different from the one that I have on the screen (for example the pdf doesn't show the ref des but shows other PCB features; while on the editor screen is the opposite)


I tried to change the layer order but it had no effect. From the help it seems that it could have an effect, but changing the layers order the pdf output doesn't change (even if the "layer order" tickbox is ticked).


Instead, the simple print -> pdf works flawlessly, but it only allows me to print 1 sheet per file.


Any clues?

What do you guys use for print a multisheet assembly drawing?