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Non-common properties to be listed in BOM

Question asked by lazyturtle on May 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 23, 2019 by Gary_Lameris

So I have a 700 component database connected using a ODBC connection where I have two .fields, PManufacturer_1 and Manufacturer_1_PN.


After importing these two fields to all the components in my schematic design and configuring the properties in Central Library to add these two properties I tried to generate a BOM.


To my surprise the resulting BOM shows two blank columns and only components added after configuring the properties in Central Library show the value of this two columns.


Checking the log I .see "Warning : Generated output may be incomplete : Detected non-common "Manufacturer_1_PN" property on : $1I326\$1I436" message what tells me that that property is a Non-common property.


so, reading about converting Non-common properties to common I found that a solution is to add these properties to the schematic symbol. But that would suppose to change the hundreds of schemtic symbols we have. So, is there a way round to solve this so that we are able to simply generate a BOM with these values?