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How to connect a hierarchical port to a global net?

Question asked by kjsewell on May 28, 2019
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Hello everyone,


I am using PADS (DX) Designer VX.2.5 (standard) Update 2 in netlist flow. Pictures are shown below of the schematic and issue in question:


Image 1: toplevel hierarchical block. The port named "CTL_SW_CM" is connected to J3.


Image 2: Inside the top-level hierarchical block. The "CTL_SW_CM" hierarchical port is connected to the "Control_Position_Indication" block.

Image 3: Inside the "Control_Position_Indication" block. The "CTL_SW_CM" hierarchical port is connected to the global net "VUR". My goal is to connect the "CTL_SW_CM" hierarchical port to the "VUR" global net. However, several warning messages are generated when I run the "PCB Interface" dialog and the port is not connected to the global net as I had expected. Instead the schematic connection between "CTL_SW_CM" and "VUR" is ignored.

Image 4: The documentation for Warning 5727. Unfortunately, I need an example of how to do this. I believe going from hierarchical port to global net may be a special case which is why my attempts to follow the solution have failed.



As stated in the caption for image 3 I wish to connect a hierarchical port to a global net. The documentation states that for Warning 5727 the solution is that I should "Use a bus ripper to alias a global net to another named net." Unfortunately I do not know exactly how to carry out this procedure.


We known that we can connect the nets with a zero ohm resistor but in this case that won't work for our design. The two nets need to be connected directly by copper (without a physical resistor) on the PCB.


I have tried several solutions from the knowledgebase documentation but each attempt by me has has failed. Based off of my experience I am going to assume that I am interpreting the directions for the solution incorrectly.


That bring me to my question: can somebody show with screenshots or a video how to tie a hierarchical port to a global net in PADS (DX) Designer Standard netlist flow? (and not have the PCB Interface tool generate the warnings shown in image 4)



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