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Rename nets connected to Bus PADS Designer

Question asked by lazyturtle on Jun 3, 2019

I want to rename several nets that I have connected to a bus, and this bus is connected to another bus.


The main bus has multiple nets and this bus that is called EBI0_DQ[0:15]. I want to rename it EBI0_DQ_[0:15].

After changing the name of the EBI0_DQ[0:15] bus all the nets associated to this buschange automatically to the correct name.


Then I go to Tools>Update Other Objects and select Properties, Bus Signals and Bus Rppers on a "Board" scope.


The problem appears when I go to Stteings>Bus contents and want to update the bus contents, it seems:

1.- Bus contents are not updated automatically in this window

2.- Bus contents must be updated manually one by one

3.- After all this Mentor is not giving me the option to select the correct name for the bus, instead I find the net name is now called: "old name, new name". Like the following image:


So, how to proceed with the simple rename of several nets in a bus?


Thanks you.