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What is the PATH of the actual project in XPedition Designer?

Question asked by bigzoley on Jun 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by bigzoley
Hi Community,
I am pretty new in this community.
I have created a new menu in Xpedition Designer (Xpedition Enterprise X-ENTP VX.2.3) for sending the created text files for further processing. For this I should be able to figure out the current project's file path. I have tried a couple of different ways trying to extract this information from sample codes I have found here, but without any success. Once I got error message that the "path" property is obsoleted, other times I got empty string for the path.
Please help!
My script is something like this (trying to display the path, but an empty string shows up where I expect this path):
' =========================================================================================================
Option Explicit
' =========================================================================================================
Scripting.DontExit = True
Dim pcbApp
'Set pcbApp = GetMGCObject("MGCPCB.ExpeditionPCBApplication")
'Call Scripting.AddTypeLibrary("MGCPCB.Application")
Set pcbApp = GetObject("","Viewdraw.Application")
Dim strPrjFile : strPrjFile = pcbApp.GetProjectData.GetProjectFilePath
'WScript.Echo "ECHO?"
' Get the active document
Dim pcbDoc
Set pcbDoc = getDocument(pcbApp)
Call main
' =========================================================================================================
' CheckIn Design command
Sub CallSubMenu2(cmdId)
    if pcbApp is nothing then
        MsgBox "Cannot find Application!"
        Exit Sub
    end if    
    MsgBox "Testing... " & strPrjFile
    'Set pcbDoc = getDocument(pcbApp)
    'if pcbDoc is nothing then
    '    MsgBox "Cannot find the Active Document!"
    '    MsgBox "Testing... " & strPrjFile
    'end if
End Sub
Private Sub main()
    ' Calling CallSubMenu2
End Sub
Public Function getDocument(appObj)
    On Error Resume next
    Dim docObj
    Set getDocument = Nothing
    '  Collect the active document
    Set docObj = appObj.ActiveDocument
    If (Err) Then  
        MsgBox "No active document: " + Err.Description,epcbStatusFieldError
        Exit Function
    End If
    '  Everything is OK, return document
    Set getDocument = docObj
End Function
Again my goal is to get the PATH of the actual project.
Additional question, and sorry if it seems a very rookie one. Is there a good reference of these Objects (like MGCPCB.ExpeditionPCBApplication), that I can use during this development?
your answers are greatly appreciated.