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How can I tell Gerbtool 13 to query th correct license Server?

Question asked by markm. on Jun 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by markm.

Hi community,


I have an issue regarding Gerbtool from Mentor 2004, maybe one can help me to resolve.


An old  physical PC with Mentor WG 2005 and the Gerbtool comming with Mentor WG 2004 works well and if I start gerbtool it obtains a floating license from my mentor  license server.


Now I set up a virtual machine with windows xp professional and installed Mentor WG 2005 again. Everything works fine and the programs getting theit floating licenses fro my license server. I noticed the Gerbtool was missing and reinstalled ist from a Mentor WG 2004 CD.

I can start the Gerbtool, but it doesn#t find it license. The message is:

"License initialization error.

Can't spawn local license Manager.

No such file or directory"


and then:


"Invalid license, defaulting to demo..."


How can I tell Gerbtool to query my license server like all other Mentor Programs at this virtual machine do? Do I probably have to install any additional things to make Gerbtool working?


I already compared the physical and the virtual machine, but can't find any differences. 


Best regards