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Why the script does not work?

Question asked by go73 on Jul 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2019 by pbo

Hi! Help me, please.


Error on "Set compModsColl = vmDoc.ComponentModifications":

"incorrect name or object given as parameter"




Dim app
Set app = GetObject(,"MGCPCB.Application")

Call Document_VariantManager


Public Function GetLicensedDoc(app)
On Error Resume next
Dim key,licenseServer,licenseToken,docObj
Set GetLicensedDoc = Nothing
' collect the active document
Set docObj = app.ActiveDocument
If (Err) Then
Call app.Gui.StatusBarText("No active document: " + Err.Description,epcbStatusFieldError)
Exit Function
End If
' Ask document for the key
key = docObj.Validate(0)
' Get token from license server
Set licenseServer = _
licenseToken = licenseServer.GetToken(key)
Set licenseServer = Nothing
' Ask the document to validate the license token
If (Err) Then
Call app.Gui.StatusBarText("No active document license: " + Err.Description,epcbStatusFieldError)
Exit Function
End If
' everything is OK, return document
Set GetLicensedDoc = docObj
End Function

Sub Document_VariantManager()

Dim docObj,resultMess,VMappObj
Dim compModsColl, compModObj, totalUnplacedComps, pcbCompObj

' collect PCB document object
Set docObj = GetLicensedDoc(app)
If (docObj Is Nothing) Then Exit Sub

' Get the VM application
Set VMappObj = docObj.VariantManagerControl.Control.VariantGUIApplication
If (Err) Then
Call app.Gui.StatusBarText("An error occured while getting VM: " + vbNewLine + Err.Description,epcbStatusFieldError)
Exit Sub
totalUnplacedComps = 0
Set vmDoc = VMappObj.VMDocument
Set compModsColl = vmDoc.ComponentModifications
' Iterate the collection, check if unplaced component
For Each compModObj In compModsColl
If (compModObj.Operation = eVMOperUnplace ) Then
' Find the component in the PCB database and select it
Set pcbCompObj = _
If Not pcbCompObj Is Nothing Then
pcbCompObj.Selected = True
End If
' Increment the count of unplaced components
totalUnplacedComps = totalUnplacedComps + 1
End if
resultMess = "There are " + CStr(totalUnplacedComps) + " unplaced components in the variant design"
' select the unplaced components and fit it on the board

' Update status bar
Call app.Gui.StatusBarText(resultMess,epcbStatusField1)
End If
End Sub

'End of (Declarations)


Thank you.