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Modelsim node locked license blocked by Intel Starter edition

Question asked by schädelkeks on Jul 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2019 by guy_wettstein

We are using a node locked license for Modelsim for simulating bigger designs. On the same system we are also using the free starter edition that is delivered together with Intel Quartus for some of their FPGAs.


Now the problem is that if someone is using the free starter edition, it is not possible to start the node locked licensed full version of Modelsim. It just stops with the following error message.


# ** Error: License checkout has been disallowed because
# only one session is allowed to run on an uncounted nodelocked
# license and an instance of ModelSim is already running with a
# nodelocked license on this machine.

Is there any way to both use the free and node locked licensed version on the same machine? The starter edition has not any LM_LICENSE_FILE setup. We are only doing that when using the licensed version.