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Question asked by pbo on Jul 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2019 by pbo

I need to get the length of the wire. But when using bondWire.Total3DLength I get error: 0x800a01a8 'Object Required: 'Total3DLength'


Dim bondWires
Set bondWires = pcbDoc.BondWires(epcbSelectSelected)
If bondWires Is Nothing Then
   Set bondWires = pcbDoc.BondWires
   If bondWires.Count = 0 Then
      Set bondWires = pcbDoc.BondWires
   End If
End If
Dim bondWire
Dim prop
Dim length
For each bondWire In bondWires
      tf.Write bondWire.Name
      tf.Write " "
      'tf.Write bondWire.WireModelName

      ' Model name
      Set prop = bondWire.FindProperty("WBModelName")
      If Not prop Is Nothing Then
            tf.Write prop.Value
      ' Total 3D length
      Set length = bondWire.Total3DLength
            tf.Write length.Value
      End If



Can someone explain to me how to use this method?