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Issue with automation and authentication on company's EDM server

Question asked by leslieaerts on Aug 20, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2019 by Community_Admin

Hi all,


We use the MGC tooling & automation to execute some processing steps on some software we develop; I'm not too familiar with the MGC family of tooling and have basic knowledge of the automation.


When originally started, we had EEVX2.1 running and the automation worked; whenever we booted Xpedition Designer or any of the other tooling, we did this programmatically and it booted and we were authenticated on the EDM server, designed a board and closed the  designer, all from C#/COM context. 


Recently, we upgraded to EEVX2.4 and everything kept on working; we had to adjust a few parameters. That is, until 2 weeks ago. We had to switch servers for the EDM library, and all of a sudden each time we ran our software and automated MGC, we now have to manually enter credentials to get on the EDM library. This breaks the flow of our software and isn't something we want to do.


Is there anything we can do in any configuration, automation, server side or client side, to get rid of this behavior/automate the authentication again? I'm at a loss; none of the automation documentation mention anything about authenticating for EDM server on software boot.