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PartDB.pdb file update issue

Question asked by jaymole.jose on Aug 26, 2019
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I am new to Mentor tool. I have got problem with one of my designs in Expedition 2.5, that I have been doing right now. It is an up issue of already existing design.  I have done few modifications in new revision including component updates in this project and everything was working fine. But after I did the last set of modifications, forward annotation is not taking place with error message PartsDB.pdb does not exists in PCB\Work\Layout_Template folder. The last modifications were just the modification of bet connections, no parts change.  

   When I compared other project folder structure, I can see PartsDB.pdb file in two locations. One in PCB\Layout folder and other one in PCB\Work\Layout_Temp folder with same last modified details. Whereas this project has got .pdb file only under PCB\Layout folder which has got last modified date of previous changes, but not in work\Layout_Temp folder. Packaging of project is successful.

Also I noticed that there are few BU*.* files additionally in both folders.

File viewer--> Forward annotation log file shows the message 'A new Target PDB will be created from the Central Library to satisfy the parts requirements of the iCDB.


Does anyone has any idea what could be reason and solution for this issue?