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Numbered rippers versus names in DxDesigner

Question asked by gearhead54 on Aug 21, 2019
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Hey guys, I'm new to Mentor but not new to design - our team uses DxDesigner 7.9.3. When I first came onto the team, several people warned me to be careful with rippers coming off of buses, because they can inadvertently cause erroneous connections. An example of what happens is below - a numbered bus will automatically track/ update NumberedBus0 if you change the ripper. However, if you connect "RX" to that bus on another sheet, the aforementioned change will not warn you that your change affects the connection elsewhere.

My solution (after, ahem, some RTFM) was to use the settings of DxDesigner and define the nets of each bus. This way, the rippers are forced to match the actual net name, and it's much more difficult to accidentally change nets without getting a prompt from the software.Numbered rippers versus explicit names

The issue is that some of my fellow team members have been using Mentor software for 30+ years, and they're not accustomed to doing this. Do any of your companies use or recommend the "bus settings" method rather than numbered rippers? I'm trying to find some references to other people that either use this method or find a good reason not to fight for (what I feel is) improvement.