Xpedition Automation License Validation

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Hi, Folks.  Sometime in the distant past, Mentor decided that, in order to run Automation in Xpedition, every script needed to validate the existence of an Automation license.  Then, some Mentor engineers wrote and documented a variety of similar, multi-line functions that acquire that license.  You may know them by the name ValidateServer, or GetLicensedDoc, or some other title.  You may also regard them as a lot of bloated code, with way too much unnecessary error checking that the system itself can perform with message boxes.  From my perspective, I don't need to handle errors that the Automation layer will trap and report for me.


In the more recent past, I have posted responses to other users with scripting examples that included a trimmed down, two-line, non-function version of the license validation process, which can be used at the start of any Xpedition script written in vbs.  It is repeated below for anyone to use.


Set pcbDoc = ActiveDocument