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Is Automation for Central Library possible in PADS?

Question asked by briang on Oct 11, 2019

Is it possible to use automation to create a list of parts in the central library. I have a long list of resistor parts I need to create....I have an excel file with part number, parametric information, name of symbol, decal name, etc.


I have been browsing through the "Library Editors Automation Reference.pdf  (Release PADS VX.2.4)" at first glance it seems like it should be possible.


However I started by first trying to execute an example code in the Library Editors Automation Reference on page 20 using mgcscript command. (I modified the job = "U:\manuals\Designs\simple_design\Demo_Library\Demo_Library.lmc" line to point to my library.). The first time I execute this script I get the following error message


                Error:0x80040203 'Could not acquire Automation Basic (or Automation Pro) license'


However if I run it again i get a message box with the following message "An instance of LibraryManager.Application is already running"


So basically I was hoping I could get help with the following:


 Firstly, to execute the example code above is Automation Pro required? and more generally if "PADS Standard Plus" is equipped to achieve what I am intending to do?


(ii) Secondly, could point me to some example code to the point of creating an application object to the library manager. It appears that the first few lines in the example above should do just that but unfortunately, I can’t get it to execute.