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Isn't it possible to change existing objects to a new Variant Layer?

Question asked by juergen.hinterleitner on Oct 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2019 by juergen.hinterleitner

VX2.6 provides a new super long desired feature... to add Text, Boxes etc. to Variant Layers. So we can shown Text/drawn Tables etc. just for special Variants. so far so good.


Also new is to add User Layers. These have nothing to do with Variants, but when you draw a Box, you are be able to change the Userlayer from the basic "schematic" to an Userlayer - at each time (also hindsight).


But if drawn tables (Lines/Boxes) and text exists, then you cannot assign it later to a new "Variant Layer".


The only way seems to be, that you set the Variant Layer as Active, and draw all Text, Boxes and Lines totally new. Or is there a way to change it afterwards? ...