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duplicated RefDes for mechanical parts not forwarded to PCB

Question asked by davide_palmisano on Oct 29, 2019


I would like to include  some mechanical parts in my schematics in order to get correct BOM from schematics.Dummy and dedicated symbols were created to the purpose,which we attach proper RefDes and PartNumber to.

For historical reasons, mechanical designer assing the same RefDes to mech parts (e.g. quantity > 1 of screws will have same RefDes ) to make easier create assembly kit and easing 3D assembly drawing with mechanical parts.

is there a way to have the same RefDesignator to mechaincal parts which will not forward to PCB? Can Packager manage this?

Any suggestion to get over of this issue rather than just use a symbok as placeholder and, manually modify quantities in generated BOM?