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Cell editor; How to define 2 pins eletrically connected inside connector?

Question asked by falco_arvoo on Oct 31, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2020 by pbo

Hey all,


I'm drawing a cell shape for the Amphenol 10131931-106ULF, which is a simple SMD mounted right angled pin receptacle. It has every pin connected to 2 SMD pins, so there are 12 physical pins on the connector but only 6 logical pins.


Because the pins are connected inside the connector, it would be nice if I could define the 2 pads per pin electrically connected, so I can choose either pad to route with. I am able to assign the same pin number to the pins, but then it draws the squiggly line to indicate they still need a trace between them to connect, see attached example. I don't want to give them each an own number / symbol pin, because this could lead to errors in designers not knowing that for example pin 1 and 12 are shorted.


How to properly define this?


Thanks in advance and kind regards,