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Automation Template troubles

Question asked by Sorin-Stefan on Nov 8, 2019
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I opened Patrick Cashman's Automation Template in Visual Studio 2019 (the free community version).


Immediately I noticed a list of errors:


These are the references that came with the template:



If I want to add more References I get a huge list of them. Some of them have the same name but different revisions:


I have a hard time figuring which Reference is the right one and which one to pick.

I have multiple flows installed on my machine: PADS VX1, PADS VX2.5, Xpedition VX2.5 (32-bit), Xpedition VX2.5 (64-bit).

May this be the cause?


Anyway, you can tell by now I am a Visual Basic rookie and the start is always hard :-)

Any guidance will be appreciated.


thank you !