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LMTOOLS:  About redundant license server settings

Question asked by hiwashig on Dec 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2020 by hiwashig

This is a question from YAZAKI.


The customer is verifying the construction of 3 redundant license servers, and has been asked to solve the following questions.


1. About the “Start / Stop / Reread” tab of LMTOOLS.


      a. If it clicks "Stop Server" in the above tab on the PRIMARY (= Master) server, the service will stop for all three redundant configurations.

         Is this behavior FAD?


      b. What kind of conditions does this "Stop Server" do to stop processing?

         (Do all 3 redundant servers (Environment Variable separators "," stop?

         In the multi-license server configuration (Environment Variable delimiter ";", stop only the server that executed Stop Server? )


      c. If the "Srop Server" button is pressed even if the primary, secondary, and tertiary service names are different, will all three servers be stopped?


      d. Currently, another server in the redundant configuration also stops at the same time as the behavior of “question a”.
         Is it possible to stop only the server that executed Stop Server?
         If "Yes", how setting is necessary for it?


      e. Currently, YAZAKI uses a global license and is covered by three license servers “YNA” and “YEL” outside Japan.
         In this license server configuration, when a redundant server is configured only in Japan, is the Stop command sent to the license server at another site?
         If yes, what settings does it to not stop servers at other sites?



2. About the “Service/License File” tab of LMTOOLS.


      f. If it checks "LMTOOLS ignores license file path environment variables", we are aware that the Stop command will not be sent to another license server that is set as an environment variable.

         Is this the same behavior with also the latest FlexNet 11.16.4?


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