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Pads VX.2.5 PCB interface concern

Question asked by ahbet on Feb 20, 2020

Our flow is using DxDesigner schematic PCB interface to Allegro PCB.  But lately we want to use the PAD VX.2.5 (upgrade PC also to windows 10).  We encounter concern on during PCB interface. We notice that the PADs VX.2.5 export ".tel" file but it stop and dont modify the Allegro brd file to reflect the changes we done.  But if i try to import the ".tel" file in allegro, it can be import without concern.  Any suggestion why now it wont automatically change the board file?   is it still the correct format to type in the command line for PCB interface?  [view2a -f  "C:\MentorGraphics\7.9.5IND\SDD_HOME\standard\allegro16.cfg" "Schematic1.brd"]