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How to properly share PartQuest Downloaded parts with Databook information among multiple users?

Question asked by radhakrishnan on Feb 25, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by radhakrishnan

This query has been raised on behalf of our customer. Sorry for the long post.


This Client uses PADS Integrated Flow. The Company Central Library is configured over a common network location (mapped as Z:\), which they point using the Template file when starting a PADS Designer Schematic. The setup works fine, everyone is able to access a common set of parts along with the Databook entries.


The client started using Partquest recently and I'm guiding them to do this.


Their environment setup is such that one or two users manage the libraries and the rest of them would be just using those parts on their designs. The users who do the Library management task also can download parts from PartQuest. Their PartQuest.dbc file goes into a common Network location Y:\PQ_DBC. The librarian has no problem seeing the PQ -downloaded parts.


Now when other Client systems try to access *_PQ partitions from PADS Databook 'Search' view, the PQ-downloaded parts do not show up. I suppose although the PQ-downloaded parts could go into the Central Library structure, the .dbc file is not correctly pointing in their environment. The actual issue here is that the PartQuest.dbc file is present in the Y:\ which other PADS Designer users could not point to. But how do I make other Client systems understand that for PartQuest.dbc is in some other path from where it should read the Databook entries?


I've a Support Case regarding this, but again posting it here as the SR was picked from a different Time zone which does not allow showing the problem on the customer's system.