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How to import PADS-PowerPCB v3.0 part definitions into PADS 2007 (eval. vers.)?

Question asked by michael.frank on May 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2009 by michael.frank

Hello, I'm trying to layout a PCB for a simple prototype board that includes a couple of ICs from Texas Instruments.  I was hoping to be able to use the .asc package definition files available for these parts from TI's website, so that I don't have to recreate the package footprints from scratch.  TI claims that the file is usable from within "Mentor PADS-PowerPCB v3.5+", but when I try to import the part into the current (2007) evaluation version of PADS, I get an error dialog that basically says that the tool (version 4) can't load the file from an earlier version (version 3).


Can anyone tell me a way to convert the package definition file supplied by TI into a format that the current version of PADS can understand?


For reference, here are the first two lines of the file.




The particular part I am trying to import at the moment happens to be the SN74LV4040ADBR (a 12-bit counter in a SSOP DB16 package).  It would be nice to have both the schematic symbol and the layout footprint, to facilitate LVS checking, but I can live with just the layout.


Also, while I'm at it, is there any way to import TI's IBIS behavioral specifications for its MSI logic ICs (like this one) into the Mentor tools?


If you have any suggestions, please email them directly to me at <> in addition to posting them here.


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