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Calibre LVS giving Short circuit warnings and LVS shorts, but the Comparison results are clean

Question asked by varunmj on Mar 17, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2020 by dan_liddell

I am running Calibre LVS. In my design I have some pins which are shorted to VDD or to GND. In the netlist generated it uses the *.CONNECT statement to do the same.


      *.CONNECT out1 VSS

      *.CONNECT out2 VSS

      *.CONNECT  out3 VSS


Now when i am running the LVS, I am getting warning in Extraction Results saying

WARNING: Short circuit - Different names on one net"

Net Id: 1

(1) name out1 at location (1110.2,0.64) on layer met4

(2) name out2 at location (1510.2,2.54) on layer met4

(3) name out3 at location (1624.0,5.75) on layer met4

(4) name VSS at location (1750.0,5.75) on layer met4

The name VSS was assigned to the net


I am also getting Layout Shorts which basically says that it has identified shorts between these nets


But my Comparison Results are clean.


From what I understand the extraction result warning and LVS shorts are coming because in the layout these ports with different labels are shorted to each other through a meta layer.

Is there are way to short different ports with out these warnings and shorts messages? Or should I just ignore the extraction results and layout shorts since the comparison results are clean?