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How can I export a PADS Netlist Flow or Professional project to PADS Vx 2.7 Free Layout and schamatic viewers?

Question asked by mvsoliveira on Mar 19, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2020 by pbo
I received a PADS Netlist Flow project that I would like to export to a given format that people could read the schematics and cross reference to the layout using Mentor PADS Vx 2.7 Schematics and Layout viewers (or some other that gives similar functionality).
I downloaded the PADS Professional 14-day trial in order to migrate the PADS Netlist Flow to PADS professional flow, expecting I would find a way of archiving the project to be read by a free viewer.
I can read the migrated schematics using Mentor Professional  Vx 2.7 but I do not find a way of exporting to a format that can be read by the PADS Vx 2.7 Free Viewer.
The best I managed to do was exporting to a cce file that can be read by the free tool Mentor visECAD viewer.
Of course, I can use the PDF, or visECAD, but this way I cannot easily find a net in the layout by using the cross- references.
P.S. Sorry, if I missed something stupid, I have very little experience with the Mentor PCB design flow. I have experience only with the Cadence design flow for the moment.
Thanks in advance